2021 Reflections: The year that was.

Another year of growth. I’m grateful, proud and exhausted. I think this year has been a continuation of the previous year 2020 – by now most people have pivoted their mindsets, businesses and lifestyles to future-proof their environments.

There’s so much to be grateful for: Fulfilling my life’s purpose everyday, my loved ones are alive and well, the opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills. I honestly can’t complain.

As an entrepreneur, my leadership skills have been tested and stretched in every sense possible; today Yellow Owl is well on its way to establishing better systems, a loyal client base, and delivering more valuable services to our communities.

So many people and clients have contributed positively to Yellow Owl’s achievements – however, there are three specific entities I’d like to make special mention of: Lionesses of Africa, the New Generation and Signs & Stories: the silent podcast.

  1. Lionesses of Africa

I’ve been fortunate to being selected for two mentorship programs: The Cherie Blaire Foundation for Women Business Mentorship & the Sunlight Accelerator Program. I got introduced to my mentor Micheal Muchkin and learned from many inspirational business women sharing their stories.

The programs are intensive and require much commitment. Other than that, it’s a great opportunity to network, collaborate and get valuable advice from successful entrepreneurs.

2. New Generation Silver Award

We recently got award the New Generation Silver Award for our collaboration with Cliff Central.com’s Blind History podcast sponsored by Taylor Blinds and Shutters. This accolade is validation that what we do as Yellow Owl matters, a proven model which solves a problem in the online podcast industry. We found a niche in the market and are claiming that space!

I’m excited about reaching new frontiers in 2022!

3. Signs & Stories: the silent podcast

This project is very close to my heart, an absolute dream come true! Another first of its kind for both Yellow Owl, the Deaf community and the podcast industry – a visual podcast using SASL to capture the experiences, stories and shared values within the Deaf community.

Our first episode premiered on 18th November 2021 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive; a few things we can improve as a team, but overall it’s been a great learning curve and milestone towards empowerment and ensuring more inclusive content.


A big THANK YOU to everyone – family, friends, clients, mentors & creative collaborators for their support. Personally, I can definitely look back at 2021 and celebrate several small wins. As an entrepreneur, the desire to inspire people and drive positive change wherever possible, has only gotten more intense!

My message of Hope: Pay close attention to those whispers, in your heart, mind and surroundings. Embrace change & take a bold step each day towards showing up fully – here and now.

God Bless, Stay Safe.

By Yellow Owl

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