How to discover your unique abilities

Dare to be different! Discovering your unique abilities is one of the most liberating experiences. It never feels like hard work and exciting opportunities of making a positive impact in society keep unfolding. Through self-awareness and introspection of who I am as a person first; l am able to apply the same intrinsic truths across… Continue reading How to discover your unique abilities

Am I really cut out to be an interpreter?

Finding your Purpose It starts here. Finding your why. It was around 2014 when I decided I wanted to interpret full-time. I had several career options to choose from: either build on my psychology foundation; explore the education sector; or stick with interpreting and develop my skills. You see, my type-A personality leaves little room… Continue reading Am I really cut out to be an interpreter?

Welcome, Insider.

As an Insider; you’ll be a member of this limited group of like-minded thinkers, with exclusive knowledge about the ins and outs of the interpreting industry – and other related topics. You will have access to my insights, experiences, tips and my own personal take on things about what the future of South African Sign… Continue reading Welcome, Insider.

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