The Power of Progress: One Year Later.

As we celebrate the first year anniversary of Yellow Owl’s existence, we reflect on our journey and celebrate the small wins. Progress is a powerful motivator to drive inspiration, even when setbacks happen.

I recently read an article published by Harvard Business Review explaining that acknowledgment of the best and the worst days are central to innovation in any creative environment. Emotions run high when things go according to plan: excitement, joy, happiness, satisfaction and validation. But the same is true when we hit a dead end: self-doubt, frustration, darkness, worry and temptation to quit. It’s all part of the journey.

The progress principle highlights that true motivation lies in ordinary everyday wins – we should try and find at least one thing to celebrate, an achievement, a victory lap, a tick on the to-do list. Some of Yellow Owl’s greatest moments over the passed year include taking the bold step to register the business and putting ourselves out there, particularly online for everyone to see.

Another proud moment has been collaborating and pioneering with leading brands, organisations and content creators like, Mav Inc., The Mayors Office & Lionesses of Africa to make valuable information more inclusive using SASL interpreting. There’s so much to be grateful for!

Equally discouraging has been the rejection from incredible digital platforms who unfortunately can’t see possibility beyond their own fears and rigid business model. Nothing happens over night, and patience is one painful trait that gets better with time – just wait, it will come. Sometimes failure and setbacks are not always a true reflection of the value we offer – sometimes it’s other people who don’t understand the bigger vision, they just don’t get it.

Some helpful tips to keep you going when the going gets tough: surround yourself with supportive, accountable and positive people. Secondly, remember your WHY – very important when it feels like you are losing direction. Lastly, create practical deadlines and timelines to keep track of progress made.

THANK YOU to everyone who believed and continues to invest in the vision of Yellow Owl. Here’s to more extraordinary interpreted stories, pioneering, and collaborations. Onwards and upwards!

By Yellow Owl

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